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The Ivy Rose Approach

 Within a culturally relevant/responsive framework, curricular designs and instructional practices are powerful tools through which to construct, legitimize and impose messages about what is appropriate, intelligent, and valuable, These implicit messages often impact views about students and their academic abilities. 

Given this, the Ivy Rose approach helps educators and administrators critically analyze, enhance, and transform their practices. Through critical dialogue and collaborative learning activities educators will explore innovative strategies to humanize teaching and learning. The ultimate aim is to bridge students' cultural, academic and social identities and create more meaningful learning experiences with and for the increasingly diverse students and families of today's schools.

Why Ivy Rose?

The imagery of IVY is evoked in both name and visuals throughout the site for its symbolism of connection, growth (even in harsh environments or difficult times), consciousness, development, expansion and rebirth. Additionally, the imagery of ROSES,  and orange roses specifically, are evoked as symbols of  passion and enthusiasm. Thus, the IVY and ROSES are both symbolic of essential components of developing and enacting transformative, humanizing instructional practices and policies. 

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